Please join us for the 4th Annual Labor & Employment Law Seminar, scheduled for March 13th in Philadelphia, March 27th in Harrisburg and April 11th in Pittsburgh.

This year’s topics will include:

Cutting-Edge Developments in Labor & Employment Law

In this fast-paced session, we will review recent developments in several areas of the law, including the most common ways employees are challenging their terminations; increased legal protection for employee social media activities; recent case law on drafting employment-related arbitration agreements; the latest on the NLRB’s “quickie” elections rule; and New Jersey’s recently enacted trade secrets statute.

Creating a “Bullet Proof” Employee Handbook

In order to minimize your exposure to employee lawsuits and comply with an ever-increasing maze of federal and state laws and regulations, employers need to make sure that their employee handbook is comprehensive and up-to-date. In this session, we’ll review the key ingredients to include in your handbook. We will also discuss those topics where “less in more” and employers should exercise restraint to avoid compliance issues.

Wage & Hour Law: A Primer on the Fair Labor Standards Act

The Fair Labor Standards Act is the federal wage and hour law which governs the payment of minimum wages and overtime. Even though this law has been around since the New Deal, many employers are still struggling with thorny issues such as classifying employees as “exempt” or “non-exempt”, and calculating overtime in light of bonuses, rest periods, telecommuting, and on-call time. Consequently, there has been an explosion of wage and hour litigation in federal and state courts – particularly with costly class action lawsuits. In this nuts-and-bolts session, we will review the law in plain English so that you can avoid getting caught in the jaws of a nasty lawsuit or Department of Labor audit.

Hot Issues In Discrimination Law

With a heavy emphasis on addressing day-to-day real life situations, we will review the hottest issues in discrimination law, including: what is your obligation to provide a religious accommodation for body art and Muslim religious practices; when will your company be liable for the discriminatory acts of a rogue supervisor; how can you improve employee attendance without violating the FMLA and ADA; best practices to avoid retaliation claims; and what is GINA and why should you care.

For additional information, or to register, please see the event invitation.