By: Jennifer M. Horn

Construction owners and managers are utilizing computer tablets such as the iPad more and more on the job site to help streamline business. Engineering News Record posted a video clip and article about a few construction companies which have found that using tablets has saved them time and money.ipad.jpg

Paul Ozinga, co-owner of Ozinga Bros. Inc., said that he has seen, “enhanced productivity in the field” and that the tablets offer, “new ways to speed up communications, obtain client approvals, complete inspections, arrange logistics and manage other complications.” One example of how the tablets can help streamline work is that through an application, project managers can pinpoint the exact location of delivery trucks. This simple feature can facilitate a manager plan more accurately, and help projects stay on schedule.

Construction technology does not just stop with the iPad. New programs such as BIM are coming out in the market all the time. It is important for owners to learn what tools are most effective for their business in order to stay competitive in the marketplace.

Jennifer M. Horn is Senior Counsel at Cohen Seglias and a member of the Construction Group. She concentrates her practice in the areas of construction litigation and real estate.