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Robert G. Ruggieri is a Partner of the Firm's Federal Contracting Group. He practices law in the areas of government contracts, procurement, and construction. Bob’s clients, which include prime contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers, routinely seek out his advice in protesting government procurement decisions, size and NAICS code protests, interpreting the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), preparing Requests for Equitable Adjustment, (REAs), prosecuting claims under the Contract Disputes Act (CDA), and responding to government investigations, suspensions, and debarment proceedings.

check.jpgSeparate but commonly owned or related companies are common place in the construction industry. It is also common for contractors to get squeezed by late or nonpaying owners and/or subcontractors demanding payment for work performed. A recent case in New Jersey highlighted the pitfalls contactors and their owners can fall into in these situations, and

By: Robert J. O’Brien and Robert G. Ruggieri

In a matter of first impression in Pennsylvania, the Commonwealth Court in Ribarchak v. Municipal Authority of the City of Monongahela recently addressed the issue of whether the use of a subcontractor’s bid as part of a general contractor’s bid proposal creates a contract between the subcontractor

Green building is more popular than ever, and achieving LEED certification for projects is a mark of distinction. Construction companies and developers need to understand how they can effectively manage the risks and reap the rewards of these projects. Please join us for a panel discussion where industry professionals, including Lane Kelman and Jonathan Cass

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Partner Evan A. Blaker recently joined Cohen Seglias Pallas Greenhall & Furman PC. We sat down with him to discuss his background and his thoughts on the state of the construction industry. Keep reading to learn his interesting backgound and perspective on the industry.

Construction Law Signal:

By: Mark Leavy and Marc Furman

On November 29, 2011, Mayor Michael A. Nutter signed Executive Order No. 15-11: “Public Works Project Labor Agreements”. The Order strongly recommends – but does not strictly require – the use of project labor agreements (PLAs) on public building projects.

Under the Executive Order, a project is “appropriate”

By: Jennifer M. Horn and Robert Ruggieri

A September 1, 2011 decision by the Maryland Court of Special Appeals reminds us of the critical importance of strictly following contractual and procurement procedures before performing change order work for a pubic entity; and of the perils of proceeding with work outside the scope of a contract

“Technology has transformed dozens of ways we interact with the world. How we communicate, learn, work, entertain, and provide for ourselves have all been radically altered by computers, sensors, and software. One area where technology is woefully underused, but sorely needed, is in roadway safety.”
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Patrick Sorek, Partner with Cohen Seglias recently authored an

As many contractors know, Pennsylvania’s attempt to formulate and use innovative procurement methods has incurred a series of setbacks from the Commonwealth’s appellate courts. The latest setback came when the Pennsylvania Supreme Court found that PennDot’s Design-Build Best Value (DBBV) procurement method violated the Pennsylvania Procurement Code.

Unless there is a potential for harm

The Philadelphia Zoo recently broke ground on the brand new Hamilton Family Children’s Zoo and Education Center. The Zoo website describes the center as a “joyful, engaging experience for children and families while promoting a lifetime of conservation action through hands-on learningzoo.jpg activities.”

The Zoo plans to construct the new center according to LEED