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Kerstin Isaacs is the Marketing Director at Cohen Seglias. She is responsible for executing the Firm's marketing strategy across all offices, including attorney marketing plans, advertising, events and sponsorships.

Join our Construction Partner, George Pallas, for the webinar “Technology for Secure Job Sites” on September 12th with Engineering News-Record.Laptop.jpg

Reducing risk on the job site begins by controlling the perimeter fence and entry gate, and on big projects with large workforces just managing that can turn into a huge, daily proposition. Contractors are increasingly turning to software and systems that use electronic tags or biometric devices to tie entry permission directly to HR databases that validate employee status and rapidly clear the entries during shift changes. But having gone that far, they are beginning to see safety value in applying the same technologies to employee location monitoring and to monitor worker certifications and access to equipment and processes, as well as safety behavior throughout the job site, which is begging the question of just how far should this go? What’s unacceptably invasive, and what is justified in the interest of security and safety?

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