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Catherine Nguyen is an Associate in Cohen Seglias' Title IX Group. Catherine has an active internal investigations practice, conducting investigations on behalf of colleges and universities, professionals, and private corporations. She has a background in education law and is a member of the firm’s Title IX Group, conducting investigations into allegations of sexual misconduct, discrimination, and harassment at educational institutions. Catherine is also active in the firm’s Scientific Misconduct Group, representing scientists in research misconduct matters.

In a recent U.S. Supreme Court case about pregnancy discrimination, Justice Breyer asked: “Why, when the employer accommodated so many, could it not accommodate pregnant women as well?”  As an employer, that is a question you should now be asking when preparing, reviewing, or updating your company’s accommodation policies.

Many employers have policies and practices to ensure accommodation of disabled workers or those with temporary injuries or disabilities. However, employers may be overlooking their legal obligations to accommodate another group of workers: pregnant women who have pregnancy-related work limitations.
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As most contractors recall, the Pennsylvania Lien Law was modified in 2007 to reinstate lien rights.  We have previously reported on proposed changes to the lien law and lien rights preservation.  Additional proposed changes to the lien law, if passed, would have widespread impact across the industry.  Pending Pennsylvania House Bill 473 seeks to

Employers doing business in the City of Philadelphia must pay taxes on wages (including salaries, commissions, and other forms of compensation) and net profits. A new ordinance shores up current enforcement mechanisms, arming the City with aggressive penalties on overdue taxes and giving private citizens an enforcement role.

About Ordinance 19-1509

Under Ordinance 19-1509,