On April 8, 2011, the Commonwealth Financing Authority announced its approval of $6.5 million in new alternative and clean energy grants. According to C. Alan Walker, acting Secretary of the Department of Community and Economic Developmentclean energy.jpg, these grants will help fund the utilization, development, and construction of 13 new alternative and clean energy projects in 10 counties throughout the Commonwealth.


Texas-based Accelergy Corp. will receive a $1.3 million grant towards a $5.5M coal liquefaction validation unit, coal and bio-liquids unit and photo bioreactors at the Pittsburgh Applied Research Center in Harmar Township, Allegheny County.

Power Source, LLC, located in Wayne County, will be issued a $2 million grant for the research and development of a sodium sulfur battery that will have six times the energy storage capacity and eight times the lifespan of a standard lead acid battery.

Other notable grants will be extended to the following:

  • Pennsylvania State University for the design, procurement and installation of Smart Grid research and development facilities at the Philadelphia Navy Yard in Philadelphia County;
  • The Tamaqua Area School District for the purchase and installation of a geothermal system at three school buildings in Tamaqua Borough and West Penn Township, and for future energy efficient upgrades for five school buildings in Tamaqua Borough, Rush Township and West Penn Township;
  • Apple Shamrock Dairy Farm LLC for the purchase and installation of a 750 kW wind turbine in Steuben Township, Erie County; and
  • Clean Green Hydro, LLC for the installation of 25 kilowatt in-line turbines at three Greene County mine water treatment plants:AMD Reclamation Inc. and Dana Mining Company of Pennsylvania LLC., both in Dunkard Township, and Duquesne Light Co.’s Warwick Mine in Monongahela Township.

In total, these alternative and clean energy program grants are intended to yield about $40 million in private investments in the Commonwealth, and will help citizens, businesses and local governments save nearly $127,000 each year on their energy bills.

For further details on the 13 alternative and clean energy and renewable energy approved projects, or for information on how to obtain funding through the Commonwealth Financing Authority, visit www.newpa.com.

Cohen Seglias Partner Lane F. Kelman contributed to this post.